A British climber is attempting to set the record for the world's highest phone call.

Rob Baber have embarked on an exhibition to climb Mount Everest where he will make the call thanks to Motorola in late May.

"There's no reason why it should not work," said Mr Baber who already holds a world record for reaching the highest point of every European nation told the BBC.

The feat which hasn't been done before has only been made possible thanks to a mobile base station installed in China that has a direct line of sight to the north side of the mountain.

"It does not matter how fit you are," said Mr Baber, "the key reason to success is 80% psychological. Having someone you can speak to on the other end of the telephone can overturn those invisible obstacles."

No word as yet as what phone Baber will be using.

However Baber isn't the only technology laden climbers expected to be on the mountain. Pentax has dished out to document the largest ever medical expedition ever carried out on the mountain. The camera company has provided the Caudwell Xtreme Everest team with its latest generation of waterproof compact digital 'W' series cameras and digital SLRs.