In today's feast of shiny new phones, Motorola has presented five new models, more streamlined and elegant than ever.

At the top of the list are the HSDPA and GSM devices, the MTO Q q9 and MOTO Q gsm.

Running on the Windows Mobile 6 platform, the Moto Q q9 provides business users with corporate email, calendars and other content while on the go.

HSDPA is thrown in for fast downloads of music through any Microsoft Plays For Sure compatible site, as well as watching videos or sharing images. The q9 also features a expandable memory, 265MB of onboard memory, and USB2.0 conenctivity.

The Q gsm is a quad-band phone with similar features to the q9. Built slightly differently, it's styled with electro-luminescent keys, a QWERTY keyboard, and a thumb wheel for navigation.

The q9 will be available in the next few months, while the gsm won't be hitting the shelves until the second half of the year.

Next up is the HSDPA-enabled MOTOKRZR K3, which is designed for multimedia users. It features 2 cameras, one for video conferencing and one for 2MP stills; USB connectivity; 64MB of memory; expandable memory slot; and A2DP Bluetooth.

Then comes the MOTORIZR Z8, which has already been previewed. It's designed as a "kick slider" to curve around your face rather than stick straight out.

Through an exclusive deal with Sky, the Z8 will be able to connect to Sky Anytime to watch live TV, as well as access an on-demand library of content.

It boasts HSDPA, a QVGA display, video playback at 30fps, 90MB of memory for all your media, expandable MicroSD slot, 2MP camera, video shooting, and Bluetooth A2DP.

And finally, there's the MOTOSLVR L9.

The L9 includes all the usual multimedia features, as well as FM radio, 2MP camera, and GPRS/EDGE connectivity. It's expected on sale in the next few months.