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(Pocket-lint) - Burton, the Snowboard maker not the high street retailer, has announced its 07 range of Audex connected clothing in connection with Motorola.

The "hero" product of the range is a new down jacket that features a panel to access your mobile phone or MP3 player, has speakers built-in to the hood so you can hear the music without the isolation of headphones, and a built-in microphone so you can make or receive calls without needing to even look at your phone.

The jacket's main strength, which will cost 580 Euro when it becomes available later in the year, over other connected jackets is the inclusion of a screen to see what you are doing.

Using hard button controls and a display, rather than ones sewn into the material, you can access menu systems of any MP3 player including the iPod as well as your mobile phone via a Bluetooth 2.0 connection.

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The system has also been designed to stop the music when a phone call comes in even if you are listening to music from a different device other than the phone in question.

The second-generation jacket is also machine-washable, you just have to remove the speakers, mic and display panel (but interestingly not the internal cabling) before getting it cleaned.

The jacket should be available some time soon.

Burton also announced a Cargo jacket that is more suitable for wear on the street, a new connected Beanie hat and a helmet for Snowboarders who like to take their boarding to the edge.

Writing by Stuart Miles.