Not content with launching three phones today, Motorola has launched a fourth mobile phone; the Motofone.

The new mobile phone is Motorola's thinnest phone yet at approximately 9mm thin, and shares the same design elements as the company's RAZR handset.

Aimed at the entry-level and emerging markets Motorola say the new Motofone offers an intuitive, new interface built on icons and voice versus text.

In a statement from the company Moto says "By using images, the device makes it simpler and friendlier for first-time users to navigate, place a call, and retrieve messages".

"Its large, high contrast screen, powered by Motorola's own ClearVision display, helps eliminate glare from direct sunlight - making it easier to use the phone outdoors, on-the-go."

The MOTOFONE is expected to be available in the second half of 2006 in
both GSM and CDMA models.