Mobile phone manufacturers and operators are having to turn to celebrities to sell their phones and services. Motorola and T-Mobile have both independently announced today that they are both about to start advertising campaigns with big celebrity names.

T-Mobile has opted for Robbie Williams and will start a TV commercial with the singer next month.

The TV commercial focuses on T-Mobile Web'n'Walk mobile internet offering and uses the global popstar's prominence to reinforce the idea that customers are always one step ahead with the service by accessing and sharing information anywhere.

This is the first time Robbie Williams will star in a commercial that broadcasts across pan-European markets.

This activity is part of Robbie Williams' 18th-month partnership with T-Mobile, highlighting that open internet access is a key entertainment service for mobiles.

Meanwhile Motorola has turned to David LaChapelle, world-renowned photographer and director, to capture the highly anticipated PEBL Colour handsets in a whimsical photo shoot.

The concept casts the handsets as stunning gems on display in a high-security museum, filled with ancient artifacts from the natural world.

Taken at LaChapelle's Los Angeles studio in March 2006, the four shots depict a striking female thief trying to steal the precious PEBL Colours.