In addition to the Moto Q announced earlier today, Motorola has also launched three further handsets today; the A910, A728 and A732.

Leading the charge is the Motorola A910, which offers WiFi connectivity. The clamshell device also features Motorola's new Graphical User Interface running off a Linux software platform. The new model will also offer Bluetooth support.

In addition to the new Motorola A910, Motorola has announced the A728 and A732 devices. Both are like the A910 Linux-based and the A728 is aimed towards the office worker.

Software included on the phone includes an intelligent handwriting application, PIM, email capabilities, SyncML support, speech recognition dialling, hands-free connections, Power Word, dictionary and Yahoo! Messenger.

The Motorola A732 however, comes enabled with intuitive finger-writing recognition software allowing you to use your finger to write characters (Chinese and Roman) on the sliding keypad and send what you wrote as a text message.