Motorola like Panasonic has launched a whole heap of phones today, for its Razr line and some more 3G handsets. Including the E1120 with a built-in camera of 3 megapixels, and the E1060 model which is aimed at music afficianados and which will feature iTunes Music Player. Details of 3G phones below.

Motorola E1120 is a candy bar shape and focuses on imaging. It comes with an inbuilt three megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, 30 lux lamp for extra lighting and a dedicated camera shutter key. It offers playback and recording of more than 25 frames per second which can all viewed on the large, QVGA colour display. The handset also includes 3D audio and dual polyphonic speakers for the best stereo sound possible.

Motorola A1010 - PDA styled smartphone supports VPN support, advanced PIM management, push email, true internet browsing and Instant Messaging. 48MB of internal memory, up to 512MB expandable through Transflash, and the ability to download and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents, whilst at the same time making a conference call or browsing the latest news online.

However, the A1010 is not all work and no play - a large, full colour, touch screen display, two-megapixel camera, advanced gaming and audio visual capabilities make it suitable both on and off the corporate playing field.

Motorola E1060 - This is Motorola's music focused handset however it's not the iTunes model everyone was expecting it to be. Features includes video capture, download and playback. Dedicated internet browser keys. The E1060 also features a 1.3 megapixel camera, two-way video calling, integrated speakerphone and large colour display.

Motorola D1100 - Wireless PC card. It is capable of a transparent handover between GSM/GPRS and UMTS networks and offers speeds up to 3.6MB per second. Furthermore the Motorola D1100 has both data and voice functionalities with unique support for embedded WLAN capabilities.

The Motorola E1120, A1010, E1060 and D1100 will be available from Q4 2005