Motorola has announced three new 3G handsets today on the 3 network. The three models; the A1000, e1000 and c975 will be aimed at the top end, entertainment market and pre-paid customers in the run up to Christmas.

The three phones will also bring 3's offering up to 12 units and 3 hopes that it will be enough to stave off Vodafone and its range of 10 choices due to be launched on the 10th November.

The A1000 is a PDA styled unit, that will have a 2.9in 65k touch screen, bluetooth, 24Mb of user memory, 1.2 megapixel camera and video functions with dual cameras. However unlike other Pda's like the P910 from Sony Ericsson, internet access through the 3 network will still be restricted to a walled garden rather than allowing free access to the internet.

The e1000, which will also be available on the Vodafone 3G network will be the hero of the range and be aimed at the entertainment junky. It benefits from a smaller screen than the A1000, but offer stereo sound, bluetooth, 1.2 megapixel camera and again the video functions.

The C975 is the low end answer to the three new handsets launched today and is aimed at introducing new customers on the network to the power of “3”. It features a VGA camera, video calling options and a 1.9in colour display.

All three phones will be available in two weeks time, however pricing has yet to be confirmed and will depend on which package option is chosen.