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(Pocket-lint) - There can often be a feeling when you're shopping for a new smartphone that you're going to forced to compromise unless you're willing to break into the thousands price-wise. The most expensive flagships might do it all, but most mid-range and budget phones make you sacrifice something. 

That doesn't have to be true, though - Motorola's latest battery life stunner, the Moto G9 Power, is a perfect example of how to tick every box you could need, all while keeping a miraculously sensible price. Find out just what makes it so special below.

Pocket-lintFour things that makes the Moto G9 Power an amazing smartphone photo 3

1. Unreal battery life

The "Power" in this phone's name is well-earned - for a while Moto's been making variants of its handsets with bigger batteries for those who want added life. The Moto G9 Power is the culmination of all that, with a massive 6,000mAh to fall back on.

That's about a third more than most phones you'll have used, and it means that the Moto G9 Power is a truly two-day phone. You won't have to manage your use and be careful to get to that mark - it'll just let you forget about that daily charge-up and be a bit freer. That's perfect if you're travelling, or if you just need to be confident that your phone will still work at the end of a long day.

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2. Great performance

Another key part of any good smartphone is how it actually feels to use, and the Moto G9 Power succeeds on that front, too. It's snappy and responsive, with a Snapdragon 662 chip at its heart and 4GB of RAM to keep things moving.

That means you can rely on it for a bit of gaming if you like, but also don't need to worry about multitasking or swapping between apps - it'll handle all of that without any issues. Pair that with its battery life and you've got yourself a smartphone that can be a really powerful part of your productivity.

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3. Streamlined software

Part of what makes the Moto G9 Power so enjoyable to use day-to-day is that it has a really nice software experience to offer up to its users. It's an Android smartphone, and while Motorola has made some choice changes to the OS they're really minimal and make your life easier.

That means you won't feel compelled to delete dozens of apps upon starting the phone up for the first time, and you'll find that certain apps like the camera have a few more features and tweaks to make things easier for you. It's a great OS, all in all, and is another real asset for the Moto G9 Power. 

Pocket-lintFour things that makes the Moto G9 Power an amazing smartphone photo 2

4. Triple cameras

Anyone buying a smartphone now is likely to also care about how it fares on the camera side of things - we're all used to phones being our default way to capture memories, so a decent camera setup is a must. That's why it's so key that Motorola managed to squeeze in a full triple camera setup for the Moto G9 Power

You get a whopping 64-megapixel main shooter, plus a macro lens and depth sensor, giving you a setup that can take gorgeous normal shots as well as excellent closeups, something that competing phones can struggle with.

It all adds up to a handset that pretty much does it all, and all for less than £179.99 - an astonishing price point given how many features it packs in. It could just be the perfect smartphone for you, so be sure to pick one up if it sounds like it could suit!