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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola is widely expected to launch a new version of its Razr reincarnation very soon, and if a prominent leaker's images are anything to go by, it's going to be available in a gorgeous 'Blush Gold' variant too. 

The latest press renders leaked by @evleaks on Twitter show off the polished, shiny gold model and if the real thing's as good-looking as these digital images, it's going to be something of a looker. 

From the new Razr 2 pictures, it seems that virtually all the housing is finished in this almost brass-coloured gold finish. That includes the back panel, the hinge that allows the phone to hold, and the frame around the front display. 

@evleaksMoto razr 2 blush gold photo 2

As you'd expect, that front panel housing the display is black and covered in glass, while the primary display on the inside takes up almost all of that surface on the inside. 

Details of the latest Razr have been leaking steadily over the past few months. If accurate, we're expecting a phone that's much the same as 2019's model, except with the addition of 5G support. 

As well as 5G support, it's claimed it will feature 8GB RAM and 256GB storage as well as a battery somewhere around 2800-2845mAh with support for 18W Power Delivery fast charging. 

It'll feature a similar flexible display on the inside, but it's yet to be seen whether there will be any improvements to its durability or design. There have been rumours suggesting it will be bigger than the first one. 

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Motorola itself has announced that the phone will be unveiled on 9 September, and we're expecting it'll be virtually as expensive as the last model; somewhere around the £1500 mark.

Writing by Cam Bunton.