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(Pocket-lint) - One of the web's most prolific leakers of forthcoming phones, Evan Blass, has published a new post on his Patreon about an affordable 5G Motorola phone - you'll have to head over there if you want full access to images and content.

A teaser on his Twitter account calls this the 'Moto G 5G' - and it's got us thinking about the likelihood of this release. It does indeed seem perfectly timely - given that Qualcomm has only just announced its Snapdragon 690 processor, with the goal of bringing 5G connectivity to a yet wider audience.

Motorola was also the first company to get a 5G-capable phone to market, using its 5G Mod add-on to make the Z3 a world first. Not that many people will perhaps remember that, given its implementation.

We suspect that earlier release sets the tone for what Motorola wants to do: be the dominant force of speedy connectivity across all market levels. The company has got a huge South America share, for example, so adding a 5G rubber stamp to its more affordable devices is a no-brainer. Therefore a Moto G 5G being an imminent release makes sense.

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On the flip side it also doesn't make total sense: Motorola has been bombarding the market with umpteen phones month in, month out - and it's just getting confusing. Even more so when you consider a European device like the Moto G Pro is called the Moto G Stylus elsewhere. Throwing a 5G handset in the mix just adds yet more noise; plus the full-fat Motorola Edge devices, found much higher up the range than the G series, demand a much higher price tag for the pleasure of having such connectivity.

So will we see an affordable 5G Motorola phone imminently? Given recent launches from the company, yes, we suspect so. We'll see what the rumour mill turns out in the coming weeks...

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 30 June 2020.