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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola’s first foldable phone, aka the foldable Razr, finally comes in new blush gold colour, which you can now purchase.

The fresh gold model, called Noir black, features a black-and-gold colour layout. It's a Verizon-exclusive phone that costs $1,500 in the US. It features the same specs as the original model. In our review of the foldable phone, we said it's most complete foldable to date, one that addresses issues with screen creases and build-quality in a proper and convincing way.

Although the foldable now has a gold colour option, the phone itself is still heavily criticized. The processor isn't the best going, and the cameras aren't a particularly prominent feature, and the battery life might well be questionable.

Still, we'd rather pocket this over the Samsung or Huawei solutions any day.

The standard colour for the Razr is black. That's the the standard for most phones, and often, it's the colour that sells the most volume, because it doesn't stand out. If you do want to change the colour of a black phone, you can often just slip it into a case and have whatever colour you want. However, we're guessing that if the Razr proves popular, we'll see a range of colour options.

The new gold certainly adds a little more interest to this interesting phone. You can order the blush-gold Razr now with 128GB from Verizon.

Writing by Maggie Tillman and Chris Hall. Originally published on 11 April 2020.