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(Pocket-lint) - The Motorola Razr could be one of the hottest phones of 2020: it's certainly got people excited, drawn to the retro charms of this folding phone - as well as the excitement of being the first compact folding device. 

It's now available to pre-order or buy in some regions, but so far, all we've seen in terms of colours for this phone is black. It was black when we got our hands on it, it is black on the listings on Motorola's website.


So what's with the gold version? Shared by Evan Blass on Twitter (restricted account), to whom we can credit a large volume of accurate leaks, we now have a new colourway for the Moto Razr, previously unseen or spoken about.

@evleaksMotorola Razr gold image 2

We're guessing that if the Razr proves popular, we'll see a range of colour options, but the new gold certainly adds a little more interest to this interesting little phone.

At the moment there's no telling where this gold colour might be available from. That's probably because the Moto Razr is generally locked into exclusive partnerships at the moment, available from Verizon in the US and EE in the UK.

Perhaps the gold version will become available when Motorola announces wider availability of its new folding phone.

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Always bet on black?

The standard colour for the Motorola is Razr is black. That's the the standard colour for most phones and often it's the colour that sells the most volume, because it doesn't stand out. And if you do want to change the colour of a black phone, you can often just slip it into a case and have whatever colour you want.

MotorolaMotorola Razr Black image 1

But perhaps that logic doesn't apply to Razr. Firstly, you can put a case on a folding phone like you can a conventional device - and it's inherently more of a visual delight - so do you want to draw even more attention to it with any colour other than black? We suspect not - subtle, retro, simple. The black works for us.

But what about making it really retro classic? It's hard to imagine that Motorola won't have a silver version of this phone. That was the colour of the original V3 Razr in 2004 that so many people remember. We've taken those images from Evan Blass and recoloured for silver, just to get an idea of how the new Motorola Razr in silver would look.

@evleaks/Pocket-lintMotorola Razr Silver image 1

This has to be our favourite colour for the new Moto phone - so we're holding out for silver.

Writing by Chris Hall.