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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola’s new foldable Razr is set to arrive next month, and yet a teardown of the upcoming device is already available to watch on the interweb.

PBKReviews published a full teardown video of the foldable phone, which you can pre-order for $1,499 in the US, although it won't launch until 3 March through Verizon. The review essentially disassembles the entire device, revealing nearly everything about it. You can see two batteries inside, many screws and cables, a fingerprint scanner housing, and the hinge. The review also described the 6.2-inch display as "paper-thin".


It's a 15-minute clip worth watching if you're planning to pre-order or buy the Razr anytime soon. It's supposed to be inspired by the original Moto Razr flip phone that was extremely popular over a decade ago, but it's been updated for 2020 as a foldable with a flexible screen. 

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After deconstructing the new Razr, PBKReviews said it is "not an easy repair at all" and "would probably even go as far as saying not repairable at all by most people". The hinge, the reviewer added, is not as “crease-less” when put it back together, but he still thinks the Razr is “very premium".

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.