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(Pocket-lint) - In late January it appeared that Moto was back on its flagship game. We don't mean the Razr foldable phone, either. No, the US brand has a new flagship coming at MWC 2020, called the Edge, which was all but confirmed to us in an event invitation email.

Now a new image has appeared of a Motorola phone complete with stylus, courtesy of @evleaks. Could this be a glimpse at the forthcoming Edge? We suspect not, actually, as it doesn't seem fitting of the name, plus the source makes distinct reference that it would be "irresponsible" to call it the Edge.


It may be more fitting, therefore, that the image you see up top is a forthcoming unnamed Moto One series phone, daresay a 'Moto One Note'? (We're jesting, really, as Microsoft wouldn't be too happy about that!). The styling is much the same as other devices in the series, with the same kind of speaker grille design up top, alongside a (newer, smaller) punch-hole camera opening.

It will be the first Motorola phone with a stylus that we can think of for almost a decade (check out the quirkily named MING A1680 in our round-up, link below).

Motorola has also been prolific with its launch of One series phones throughout end-of-2018 to present, with the One, Vision, Action, Zoom, Macro, and Hyper all joining the fray. One more wouldn't hurt, right? Especially with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite waiting in the wings.

It all comes down to how the Edge name can be defined. We're expecting a waterfall display, not necessarily a stylus, for that particular phone. Perhaps we'll know more about this mystery 'stylus phone' come 23 February. Stay tuned...

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Writing by Mike Lowe.