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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola’s recently unveiled foldable Razr was supposed to go up for pre-order on 26 December, allowing customers to buy the phone early, and then the Razr would officially launch a couple of weeks later. That plan has now been canned.

Motorola just announced it is delaying the pre-order and launch. It said the new Razr has "received unparalleled excitement and interest", and that "demand has been high, and as a result, has quickly outgrown supply predictions". It has, therefore, decided to "adjust Razr’s presale and launch timing to better meet consumer demand". There's no word yet on when the new pre-order date or even launch date will be announced.

Here is Motorola's full statement on the Razr's launch delay:

"Since its announcement in November, the new Motorola razr has received unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers. Demand has been high, and as a result, has quickly outgrown supply predictions. Motorola has decided to adjust razr’s presale and launch timing to better meet consumer demand. We are working to determine the appropriate quantity and schedule to ensure that more consumers have access to razr at launch. We do not anticipate a significant shift from our original availability timeline."

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Considered one of the more interesting phones to appear this past year, the Razr is inspired by the original Moto Razr flip phone. It's supposed to be smart, however, and will feature a 6.2-inch touchscreen and run on Android. It'll cost $1,499 and be sold exclusively through Verizon in the US.

The Razr is different from already-available foldables such as the Galaxy Fold, in that it folds horizontally instead of vertically across the display. However, a recent leak suggests Samsung is now developing a clamshell Fold that will fold the same way, like a flip phone.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 21 December 2019.