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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola has announced the latest addition to its Moto Z family, the Moto Z4, but Moto's messaging seems to be about pushing it as a 5G handset. 

It isn't 5G, of course, it's a mid-range 4G phone, but Moto is pushing the angle that you'll be able to use the Moto Mod to snap onto the back and make it into a 5G handset.

That, of course, is true of Motorola's previous device the Moto Z3 that launched in 2018, which is also compatible with the 5G accessory. 

The Moto Z4 looks like something of a change of direction of the family. Previously the Moto Z had a flagship model - the Z3 was Snapdragon 835 - accompanied by the Z3 Play - which seems to be the natural predecessor for this model. 

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Where the flagship-grade handset has got to we can't tell, but we get the feeling that the Moto Z doesn't really know where it's going. Priced at $499 that gets you a mid-range handset, $100 more than the Pixel 3a, which is probably the best performing mid-ranger available in the US right now.

Pocket-lintMoto Z4 Desperately Wants To Be Your Mid-range 5g Phone image 2

The 5G accessory that Motorola is keen for you to grab will cost you another $349 (SRP). That all adds up to an expensive mid-range phone. Verizon customers can get a better deal, with the 5G Moto Mod available for $199 - but we get the feeling that things are getting a little lost in Moto Z land.

Yes, 5G handsets are expensive, but the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wants to give you the full flagship experience as well. We can't help feeling that you'd be better off buying the Motorola G7 Power for its awesome battery life, pocketing the difference and waiting until 5G is available at mid-range prices.

There's currently no word on pricing or availability outside the US.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 30 May 2019.