(Pocket-lint) - More details have emerged on the much-rumoured Motorola Razr reboot and the prospective foldable phone might not be as flashy as we'd hoped.

Leaked specifications reveal that, while the handset (originally codenamed Voyager) will look snazzy, with a foldable screen on the inside, it will actually sport mid-range muscle.

A source told XDA Developers that 2019 Motorola Razr will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and come with either 4GB or 6GB RAM depending on the model.

It'll have storage space of either 64GB or 128GB and just a 2,730mAh battery. The website does add a disclaimer, however, saying the battery information might be outdated considering other foldable phones have much larger batteries. That being said, the new Razr is likely to be a lot smaller in size and, seemingly, capabilities.

Its interior, folding display is said to be 6.2-inch with a 2142 x 876 pixel resolution. The handset will come in white, black and gold variants.

These are all speculative specifications, so could change before launch. The name is becoming more certain though.

XDA Developers

The relaunch of the Razr branding has been touted for a while now, but XDA Developers has also received a version of the logo it believes will be adopted for the phone.

As for release date or price, while previous reports suggested it would be in the $1,500 (£1,141) ballpark, nothing more on either has appeared.

But, if you want to see what it might look like, Waqar Khan has posted a mock-up video showing concept renders based on the patent. Well worth a look.

Writing by Rik Henderson.