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(Pocket-lint) - Details on Motorola's foldable phone have emerged, including reported software features and confirmation that it will have a clamshell design, much like the Motorola Razr from the mid-00s.

We previously heard that Motorola-owner Lenovo is planning to bring back the Razr brand, most likely for its own foldable phone, but that's not known for definite as yet. However, its alleged software does suggest that the Razr-looking patent approved by the USPTO is the real deal.

Sources told XDA Developers that the handset will have a secondary external display, as shown on the patent, but you won't be able to access a complete Android experience without opening the phone. Some apps will be purposely restricted from using the external screen.

Instead, you will be limited to "certain pre-installed applications". That makes sense as the outer screen will likely be for notifications, the time and other simple tasks that you can just glance at - much like the original Razr.

Things get interesting when the phone is unfolded.

Every indication points to the entire interior being a foldable OLED display, again as shown on the patent. And when unfolded, the external secondary screen can be used as a trackpad, claims XDA Developers.

This is said to be in the test phase at Motorola and is currently limited to simple functions, such as scrolling Google Chrome webpages up and down.

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It can also be used when taking photos, including showing a countdown clock for timed snaps.

Other camera features to be revealed include the ability to use the main, internal screen for taking selfies. A simple tap on the display will take a photo as you will be facing the only camera - on the outside of the clamshell - towards you.

And you will be able to swipe the screen to zoom in or out.

The last software features to be leaked are the option to use Google Assistant when the phone is closed or restrict it to when the phone is opened and a PIN or password entered, plus the ability to set different wallpapers for the external and internal displays.

It is not yet known when Motorola plans to unveil its foldable device. We'll let you know when we find out more.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 8 March 2019.