(Pocket-lint) - Lenovo-owned Motorola is officially jumping on the bandwagon with this year's hottest phone trend: foldables.

The company has confirmed to Engadget it is developing a folding device that will launch “[no] later than everybody else in the market". For reference, Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch in April, followed by Huawei’s Mate X in mid-2019. So, Motorola's foldable should launch in 2019. Keep in mind it usually launches new phones in late summer, around August. 

Motorola already said the design would not feature a screen on the outside of the device, like the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. “We have been testing a plastic OLED device with plastic film on top,” Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery told Engadget. “The fact that you’re touching [that kind of display] with your nails is scratching it. It has a short life right away, it starts dying the day you unpack it.”

Dery also claimed Motorola is investigating different formats for the foldable screen, such as a single screen that can fold twice to reduce chances of scratching the screen. “When you know the scratching issues you would be facing, you will have something that is very rapidly not usable,” he said.

A recent patent filing from Motorola even depicted a foldable reminiscent of Motorola’s RAZR flip phone, suggesting Motorola is prepping a comeback for that line. If true, it could market a new Razr as a nostalgic foldable.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.