(Pocket-lint) - Images of the rumoured Motorola Moto One phone and a new version of the Moto G6 Plus have been published online.

The Motorola Moto G6 Plus is one of the ultimate no-nonsense budget phones, but both it and the new One-series phone have been spotted with a trendy display notch.

This Moto G6 Plus has a narrow, but deep, display notch that gives the phone a much higher screen-to-surface ratio than the current model. The One has a much wider notch, which could be used to house a better front camera and larger earpiece speaker than the mystery G6 Plus.

The as-yet unannounced G6 Plus reportedly has a Snapdragon 660 CPU. This is faster than the standard Moto G6 Plus’s Snapdragon 630 processor as it uses Kryo cores rather than the trusty old Cortex-A53 kind.

Images of the front and back of these phones were posted on Chinese social platform Weibo, in a fetching red shade.

We can’t confirm these images are legitimate. And, perhaps more important, even if they are the real deal, there’s no guarantee such phones will be released in the UK.

The existing Moto G6 Plus is not old enough to be replaced yet, and slotting them onto shelves in a way that will avoid confusing phone buyers is not a simple task. But would we like to try a notched Moto G? Why not.

Writing by Andrew Williams.