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(Pocket-lint) - Not content with just the one Moto G-series handset, Motorola has gone all out and unveiled a trio of G6 models: the G6 Play, G6 ("standard", if you will) and G6 Plus.

With a glass-back style akin to the mid-level Moto X, the new trio is taking the G-series into a slightly more premium space. The prices aren't as bargain basement as earlier G-series - from £169 to £269 - but will still be compelling for out-and-out affordable purchases.

So what do you get? The G6 Play is the most basic model, but has a massive 4,000mAh battery capacity, so is the one for long-lasting use. It's 5.7in screen is HD+.

The G6 has the same 5.7in screen size as the Play, but ups the resolution to Full HD+ for a crisper experience. It's also a little more powerful and cuts battery capacity (to 3,000mAh) for a lightweight form factor.

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The G6 Plus plays on its name as the largest of the three, with a 5.9in screen (at Full HD+ resolution). It's extra real estate means a slightly more capacious battery (3,200mAh) too.

All three handsets deliver desirable features, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, fingerprint scanner (it's on the rear of the Play, the front of the other two), and splash-proof build.

Cameras range from a single 13MP snapper in the Play, to a dual rear camera system in the G6 (12MP & 5MP, f/1.8), and a more advanced dual camera (12MP & 5MP, f/1.7, like in the Moto X) in the G6 Plus.

And what to make of it all? Well, look back at a G-series phone from its earlier generations and the squat form and plastic build really show their age. In G6 form, Motorola has elevated the design language considerably.

The only problem with that, we suspect, is the price tag will rise, repositioning the phone away from its previous affordable first sell. Furthermore, with three phones in the line-up there's a lot of overlap between Moto E and Moto X now, which creates a busy and arguably unnecessary number of phones in the range.

The G6 Play will be priced £169 (€199), the G6 will be priced £219 (€249), the G6 Plus will be priced £269 (€299). They will all be available in the UK from the first week of May.

Writing by Mike Lowe.