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(Pocket-lint) - We're still not entirely sure exactly when Motorola will officially unveil the 2018 G6 series, but it should be soon - possibly later this month, or early May - since a complete set of renders for all three expected models has been posted online, courtesy of Twitter user Ishan Agarwal.

Motorola is expected to release the G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play later this year. We've already seen rumoured specs and features for the new phones, including dual-lens cameras for the first time on the G-series. 

Agarwal has now revealed what all three models should look like, including the various colour options that will be available at launch. Starting with the G6, which will be available in indigo, silver, black and rose gold according to the renders. It will have a dual-lens camera on the rear and a fingerprint sensor on the front. While not clear or confirmed by the renders, the screen size should come in at around 5.7-inches - what is clear is that the bezels have been significantly reduced in size compared to its G5 predecessor. 

The G6 Plus meanwhile will be available in indigo and gold and it too will have a dual-lens camera on the rear and a front-mounted home button with integrated fingerprint sensor. It also appears to have a dual-LED flash accompanying the camera and will sport a new curved back panel design, which should make it more ergonomic. The images also allude to a metal build, something that has been previously rumoured. Giving rise to its "Plus" name, the G6 Plus is expected to arrive with a larger 5.93-inch Full HD display. 

Ishan AgarwalMoto G6 Play render image 1

Finally, the Moto G6 Play will be available in indigo and gold colours, although the indigo colour here looks different to the indigo of the G6 and G6 Plus, it even looks black from the front.

The G6 Play will only feature a single-lens rear camera, but the fingerprint sensor moves to the back. It's not clear just yet if this will double up as a home button as well. Being a "Play" device, the G6 Play should have a larger battery than its compatriots, and a 4,000mAh unit has been suggested. It should also get a 5.7-inch screen like the G6. 

Writing by Max Langridge.