Motorola has announced more details about its Moto GamePad, including that you can pre-order now, though there's a catch.

When Lenovo-owned Motorola unveiled the Moto Z2 Play smartphone in June, it also announced a new Moto Mod that attaches to all Moto Z phones: The Moto GamePad. At the time, we knew it would cost around $80 and add full-on gameplay controls to Moto phones, but that's it. Now, roughly two months later, we've learned it will officially go on sale in the US on 25 August for, you guessed it, $79.99.

It's available to preorder now. But it's only purchasable through Verizon Wireless. The US carrier has an exclusive on the mod, and there's no word on whether it's even coming to the UK. The GamePad attaches directly to the Moto Z via the pins on the back of the phone. It offers two thumbsticks, a D-pad, four primary action buttons, start and select buttons, shoulder buttons, and a home button.

Other features include a 1,035mAh battery that will supply your Moto Z with "up to 8 hours of extra charge”. See Pocket-lint's Moto Mod guide for more information about this device and other mod accessories.