Motorola is teasing a new phone launch.

The Lenovo-owned company has sent an event invitation to the media. It depicts a Moto smartphone casting a shadow in the shape of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. The company has scheduled its event there for 26 February 2017, the day before Mobile World Congress opens in the city, and a favourite day for smartphone launches.

Motorola is hinting that it has a new Moto phone in the pipeline - possibly a mid-ranger, considering high-end Moto phones usually come out later in the year. The most likely scenario is that Motorola will showcase a new Moto G and there have been plenty of rumours pointing to the Moto 5G.

Motorola could also unveil more Moto Mods accessories that work with the Moto Z phones, as it's expected to release around a dozen in 2017.

Motorola is holding its event at 4:30pm local time. Pocket-lint will be reporting from MWC 2017, so stay tuned.