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(Pocket-lint) - Hasselblad is holding an event in June, and we expect the professional-grade camera company to launch a Moto Mod camera as well as the world's first medium format mirrorless camera during the show.

Although Hasselblad hasn't confirmed anything specific as of yet, there has been several leaks and rumours popping up over the last few months, and they all seem to confirm that the Swedish cameramaker has a lot up its sleeve for this summer. If you're curious about what the company has in store, or if you just want to find Hasselblad's live-stream link, we have all the details laid out below.

What is Hasselblad?

Hasselblad is based in Gotheburg. It's best known for making medium-format cameras since World War II, as well as for making almost all the cameras used in NASA's Apollo space program missions, including when humans first landed on the Moon.

When is Hasselblad's event?

Hasselblad announced in early June that it will live-stream an event on 22 June. This event is due to take place at 2 pm CET (Swedish time).

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How can you watch the event?

You can watch the event in real-time from here (on YouTube). We've also embedded the broadcast below.

What might Hasselblad unveil?

Moto Mod camera

Hasselbladhow to watch hasselblad event x1d and moto mod cameras expected image 2

Hasselblad's event invite appeared to show a close up of a camera device. The flat-looking black sensors and the focus on the metallic buttons initially suggested it'd be a camera mod, while the premium brushed metal finish suggested it could be a premium Hasselblad product.

Lenovo recently launched the Moto Z with a small selection of Modo Mod attachments. The previously-rumoured Hasselblad camera mod never made an appearance during the phone's launch event. Moto Mods attach to the Moto Z smartphone using magnets and 16 contact points, so the mods can easily be swapped out and still connect instantly for power and data transfer while leaving the ports free.

Evan Blass (Twitter)how to watch hasselblad event x1d and moto mod cameras expected image 3

The leaked Hasselblad mod - originally shared by leakster Evan Blass - didn't look especially premium in leaks, though it seemed to feature a dedicated shutter button, full-sized flash, and a large lens system capable of optical zoom – just like a handheld digital camera. All that aside, a more recent leak has indicated Hasselblad might also (or instead) unveil a full-fledged camera at its event.

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Hasselblad X1D

PetaPixelhow to watch hasselblad event x1d and moto mod cameras expected image 4

Hasselblad might only announce the "world's first medium format mirrorless camera" during its event, as photos of the camera have leaked out early. The camera will be called the Hasselblad X1D, and according to PetaPixel, which obtained the leaked photos, it will have a flat design somewhere between retro and futuristic. It's unclear if this is the camera device depicted in Hasselblad's event invite.

As you can see from the newly-leaked images, however, the X1D will have a big sensor in the body cavity, while the back of the camera has a LCD screen and loads of buttons. We even get a glimpse of the clean digital interface on the screen. You'll also see in the photos a dial on the front and back of the grip and a built-in viewfinder. The leak also included details on the lenses that would be offered at launch.

PetaPixelhow to watch hasselblad event x1d and moto mod cameras expected image 5

We can apparently expect two prime lenses in 45mm and 90mm lengths, with apertures of f/3.5 and f/3.2, respectively. Keep in mind previous rumours did indicate the camera would be mirrorless and come with a built-in viewfinder and 50-megapixel sensor. Also, until now, it was unknown how much the Hasselblad X1D would cost, but now we know it'll supposedly cost $8,995.

Want to know more?

Visit Pocket-lint's Hasselblad hub for all the latest news. You can also follow Hasselblad's Twitter for more teases and announcements.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 21 June 2016.