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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola has been teasing the launch of a new device, with a long-running social media campaign on Motorola India running down to 17 May 2016.

There's no secret that a new device is due to be unveiled, with the company commonly referring to a "new Moto device" on its Indian Twitter feed. 

There's been no mention of what this device might be, nor has there been any talk about Motorola launching new devices outside India. However, there's been a flood of leaks, commonly thought to be the fourth-gen Moto G, dubbed the Moto G4 by its friends.

There has also been talk of a larger device, the Moto G4 Plus, offering a larger format of the handset and a fingerprint scanner on the front.

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The teaser campaign coming out of a Motorola India has focused on "missing out", targeting things like missing out on privacy, or missing out on power, battery or experiencing camera fails. 

These things all point to a device that's designed to solve all these problems. Moto has been tight-lipped about what this device will be, and so far there's been little indication of any event outside of India. 

The launch event is scheduled from 3pm in India, so that's 10:30am in the UK, when you'll be able to watch the unveiling for yourself below and find out what the story is.

Interestingly, Amazon.in is also getting in on the act, so it looks like the new Moto will be an Amazon exclusive in India.

UPDATE: Motorola seems to have killed the video, we'll update once we find the livestream again.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 May 2016.