(Pocket-lint) - It appears as though Lenovo-owned Motorola has been working on a new flagship that'll likely release this year.

HelloMotoHK is known for publishing leaked photos of yet-to-be-announced Motorola products, and now it's at it again with what seems to be a leaked photograph of an unknown Motorola smartphone spotted in the wild. The image looks like it was taken on a subway train or bus, leading us to believe it was snapped in a busy city like Chicago, where Motorola US is headquartered.

The picture is blurry because the photographer probably had to zoom in from a distance, but we can still make out the Motorola batwing logo in the top left corner of the phone, as well as sensors and a camera on the top and more. There might even be a fingerprint sensor on the front and maybe even a USB Type-C charging port below that. It's hard to tell, so this is speculation for now.

All we know is that this phone is unknown and likely a Motorola flagship based on some of the hardware features that are recognisable. And this is one of the first leaks to suggest the company is even working on a new, high-end smartphone. Expect many more months to pass before we hear anything official from Motorola, as the company typically releases phones near autumn.

Also, keep in mind a new Motorola device referred to as the Moto X3 recently surfaced on shipping website Zauba.

Writing by Elyse Betters.