Everybody on the planet probably knows the Motorola name, it's the iconic brand that created the first ever mobile phone. Now it's going out of existence on products.

Motorola Mobility, the consumer division of the company, was bought by Google in 2012 and then by Lenovo in 2014. Now Lenovo has announced it will beginning phasing the name out completely in favour of "Moto by Lenovo". To be fair the company hasn't used the Motorola name on it's products, but this is officially the end of the name.

Motorola wasn't only responsible for creating the first mobile phone, it also manufactured the network infrastructure that made it possible. But in more recent years it's the Motorola RAZR flip phone that really brought the name into the home for everyone. The RAZR was a leap forward in hardware that made for the slimmest phone in the world that felt like something from the future.

Along the way there was plenty more from Motorola including semiconductors, government and defence, automotive, biometrics and more.

In honour of the great brand we've compiled all its best moments in the picture gallery above. Enjoy taking a trip down memory lane before saying goodbye to Motorola forever.

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