Motorola may have had its next Moto X leaked ahead of its expected appearance in 2016.

The claimed next-gen Moto X has appeared on Chinese website Wapvnet after being sent in by an anonymous source. Since Motorola has previously released its other Moto X handsets around August to September time we're taking this very early leak with a pinch of salt.

That said there are lots of rumours flying around that other manufacturers may release handsets early in 2016.

The photo of the handset shows a newly designed form with a full metal unibody. The camera appears to be raised from the rest of the shell suggesting an upgraded setup there, or at least a thinner handset. The bottom of the rear appears to feature drilled speaker holes split into two sections, presumably for stereo sound.

The edges of the handset appear rounded while three side buttons jut out, presumably for power and volume control.

Aside from the phone being in a metallic finish little else has been revealed visually. Although the source claims the new Moto X will feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU.

It's early days yet but a redesign for the Moto X 2016 could be on the cards. Here's hoping Motorola includes that new ShatterShield screen from the Moto X Force.

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