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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola has unveiled not one but two Moto X 2015 smartphones, with the Moto X Play the more affordable model than the also-announced Moto X Style. It's a bit like having twins when you were just expecting the one.

The Moto X Play fuses together a 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) resolution screen into the classic Moto X style. Think curved back and, the company's calling card, Moto Maker options for customisable colours, accents and materials.

But perhaps the big headline to take away from the Moto X announcements is that Motorola is getting ultra-serious about the camera. It's squeezed a 21-megapixel sensor to the rear to try and outsmart the likes of Apple, Sony and Samsung. The company even claimed that DxO Mark claims the camera to be better than the Apple iPhone 6. To the front there's a 5MP camera and dual flash.

The second distinct point about the Moto X Play is a capacious 3,630mAh battery. That's a full 630mAh more capacious than the likes of the LG G4, and with native Android v5 Lollipop running on this Moto, without excessive extras, that ought to mean smooth running and long-lasting performance.

In addition there's turbocharged recharging, said to be up to 50 per cent faster than the super-fast recharge time of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Despite big features taking on its competitors, Motorola claims the Moto X Play will be some hundreds more affordable than the key flagships also on the market. Its £299 asking price is the proof: it's really going for the affordable but premium angle. And following the announcement of the OnePlus 2 just 10-hours earlier, this seems to be a segment that's really hotting up.

(Edit: the original story stated a £279 price tag, which has been updated following clarification from Motorola)

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Writing by Mike Lowe.