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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola's big event has arrived, running in unision at sites across London and New York from the Sao Paulo live presentation. It's all setup as the big reveal of the latest Motorola Moto X flagship smartphone, along with some anticipated Moto Maker personalisation tweaks.

We're sat at the London event looking at a multi-coloured stage. Already it's pretty clear the focus is going to be on the Moto Maker and its ability to offer personalistion for phones. Could this mean the Moto G for 2015 will be Moto Maker friendly as rumours have suggested?

We're hearing there won't be a new Moto watch so it looks like phones only for now.

After bundles of various leaks hitting the internet over the last few days and weeks, the lower-spec Motorola Moto G is also expected to arrive with a refreshed model - just a matter of months after the last 2015 model hit stores.

To watch the event live stream, hit play in the player below and follow the announcements as they happen live on stage.

Will it only be phones unveiled is the remaining big question? It's about time that Motorola unveiled its next-in-line Moto 360 smartwatch. However, we anticipate a separate event for that wearable to be shown off to the world at a later date in the calendar.

Writing by Mike Lowe.