The Moto X now comes dressed in red leather, but only through Verizon Wireless.

The US-based carrier has launched a "football leather" version of the Moto X. Verizon Wireless posted an image of the new look, along with the following tweet via Twitter: "New exclusive #MotoX is now avail on the Verizon Wireless network: Moto X w/ Football Leather."

The first Moto X found fame by being customisable and assembled in the US. While times have changed, it's still a handset that offers something unique. We even had a love for the wooden version, though that was before we saw the brown leather made of proper cow skin.

We also saw a black leather back but didn't like it as much. For those of you who felt the same or wanted more options to choose from, you'll be glad to learn Motorola has expanded its leather lineup with a dark red leather version.

The football leather Moto X is available now. It costs $119.99 exclusively through Verizon in the US, the same price as the wood model. Let us know in the comments below which leather colour is your favourite.

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