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(Pocket-lint) - We reported just yesterday that Motorola's UK website is now offering direct sales of Motorola's devices. Now Moto Maker has opened up through the same website.

This means that you can settle down and design your second-gen Moto X today. Just head over to the site, pick the different elements you want to change, and Bob's your uncle.

There's a wide range of options, including those four different Horween leather finishes (£20 surcharge), the option for wood (also £20) and various colour finishes.

You can select a black or white face, as well as pick the colour of the trim - metallic lemon lime anyone? Thought not.

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More interestingly you can select the storage - 16 or 32GB - remembering that there's no option for microSD. A 16GB bump in internal storage will cost you £40, an eye-watering price considering you can buy a 64GB microSD card for £25 on Amazon.

Finally there's engraving. You can get your name, or just play around with how close to the profane you can get. Nope, most profanity will be detected, but if you want something milder like "Bang me hard", it's none the wiser.

There's a slight catch however: you can't actually buy the Moto X yet in the UK.

Whereas our cousins in the US can now buy the new Moto X, in the UK we're still awaiting its arrival. All you can do is email the design to yourself.

You'll get the email, which will then invite you check back in the next few days to complete your order.

Our first impressions of the Moto X were really good, and reviews are suggesting this is going to be one of the hottest Android phones around. Of course, we'll bring you our full review once our custom Moto X is delivered.

Writing by Chris Hall.