Motorola has taken wearable technology to a whole new level, thanks to a new digital tattoo that you wear on your wrist to unlock your phone.

The average person spends two or three seconds unlocking their phone, and that means they can spend several minutes over the course of a week swiping or entering passcodes. That's a lot of time to spend on such a tedious thing, but Motorola has come up with a solution that should make it both easier and faster to unlock a phone.

Googler Regina Dugan first announced last year that Motorola was working on a new digital tattoo technology, but now it's finally become available for the Moto X. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has developed a thin, flexible tattoo based on VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology.

It's a resiliant little NFC sticker the size of a US nickel. We're assuming you can put it anywhere on your body, but Motorola's video showed it mostly worn on the wrist. Although the tattoo actually resembles a small burn or scab, Motorola insisted it thoroughly considered the design.

Moto X digital tattoos will last for five days (even if you go swimming or shower). And starting today in the US, you can buy them in packs of 10 on for $10. That means you'd have to buy 7.3 packs or $80 worth of digital tattos in order to wear them for a year.

With a year of regular wear, we're wondering if these digital tattoos will irritate our skin. Either way, it's still a neat idea.