Motorola is officially giving up on the whole "Made in America" thing - but it still has hopes for Moto Maker.

When Google-owned Motorola launched the Moto X flagship in 2013, the company said you could use a service called Moto Maker to fully customise the device and get it shipped to your front door within four days. That was possible because the Moto X was the first phone to ever be assembled in the US, as advertised by Motorola. That said, roughly nine months after the Moto X debuted, Motorola is now owned by Lenovo and plans to shut down its sole US plant in Texas.

According to both The Wall Street Journal and The Verge, Motorola will no longer assemble phones in the US. Although the company touted the "Made in America" slogan and described it as a critical aspect of the Moto Maker process, it has confirmed smartphones didn't sell well enough in the North American market to keep the assembly plant running. The plant, which once boasted thousands of workers, now employs about 700 people and will shut down this year.

Many reports have wondered what would happen to the plant after Lenovo announced plans to purchase Motorola Mobility from Google earlier this year, and with today's news, some people are also asking what will happen to the Moto Maker customisation programme and website. Have no fear: Engadget has claimed, citing a Motorola spokesperson, that Moto Maker will continue to operate despite the assembly plant's closure.

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Motorola announced in February that Moto Maker would finally launch in Europe and Mexico this quarter. Pocket-lint has therefore contacted the company to learn whether the Texas plant's closure will negatively affect international expansion. Meanwhile, Americans should presumably expect to see Moto Maker shipping times increase. The assembly plant allowed for four-day deliveries, but without it, shipping times are bound to change for the worse.