(Pocket-lint) - The Motorola Moto E is just £89.99 in the UK, but just how cheap is the Motorola Moto E compared to other handsets on the market? We put it up against other leading smartphones from Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google and even Motorola, to see how many Moto E handsets you could get for the price of a leading smartphone without contract. 

iPhone 5S 64GB

The iPhone 5S 64GB costs £709.00 in the UK SIM free meaning you could get 7.9 Moto E smartphones for the same price. That's almost one for all your closest friends. 

Samsung Galaxy S5

The SGS5 costs £579 with a contract in the UK giving you 6.5 Moto E handsets for the same price, although you don't get the front-facing camera or the heart rate monitor. 

HTC One (m8)

You can only get 6.3 Moto E phones for the price of the HTC One (M8) smartphone as it costs £559.99 SIM free. 

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Sony Xperia Z2

The cheapest of this year's flagship phones, the Z2, costs £538 on Amazon meaning you'll still be able to get a whopping six Moto E handsets, however they won't be waterproof.

Nexus 5

As you start to get into the budget territory you don't get as many phones for your buck if you were to go elsewhere. That said you can still buy 3.7 Moto E handsets for the same price as the Nexus 5 on Google Play. 

Lumia 1020

It's amazing just how cheap the Lumia 1020 is SIM free on Amazon: £310. Instead of opting for the 41-megapixel camera phone running Windows 8 you'll have to make do with just 3.5 Moto E handsets instead. That's just enough for you and your mum and dad. 

Moto G

Showing you how cheap the Moto E phone's bigger brother is, the Moto G, you'd only be able to get 1.7 Moto E handsets for the same cash, or more precisely a Moto E and a night out on the town. Of course you don't get as good a phone, as our versus shows.

Writing by Stuart Miles.