Motorola has named Rick Osterloh as president and chief operating officer of the company, effective immediately.

Osterloh is a Stanford graduate who has worked for companies like Skype, Amazon, and Good Technology, which was acquired by Motorola. And starting today, he will report directly to the Motorola Operating Board at Google until the Lenovo acquisition of Motorola is complete.

Osterloh has worked at Motorola for the last seven years, and during that time he started up the Android team and helped developed some of the company's earliest Android devices. More recently though, he helped define Motorola's market strategy and even led product management.

Jonathan Rosenberg, the outgoing senior vice president of product management at Google, has served as COO of Motorola these last few months. He wrote in a blog post that Osterloh had a key role in Motorola's reinvigoration, and that Osterloh's appointment provides "focused leadership and businesses continuity".

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When Google acquired Motorola a couple of years ago, it had appointed Dennis Woodside as head of Motorola. But he stepped down in February, when Google announced it sold Motorola to Lenovo. Woodside is now the COO of Dropbox.