A new version of the Moto X handset will launch in "late" summer, Motorola announced at its press event at Mobile World Congress 2014. 

Specifications or design for the new version of the Moto X weren't revealed, but it's interesting the company won't be stopping with the Moto Maker formula under its new owner Lenovo. 

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The original Moto X was debuted in the US in August 2013, as one of the most customisable smartphones on the market. It eventually landed in the UK in early February, still missing Moto Maker.

During the event, Motorola Senior VP Rick Osterloh reminded attendees once again that Moto Maker will be coming to Europe in Q2 2014, letting customers design their Moto X handsets like in the US.

Mark Randall, SVP of supply chain and operations, said that Moto X manufacturing will continue at the Texas plant in the US. However, the company is also looking into manufacturing options in Europe.