HTC has launched a Custom Double Dip hard case for the HTC One, set to take on the Moto X's customisation and available through Moto Marker.

HTC's new case will let you add a little jazz to your HTC One handset, by picking a colour for the top, middle and bottom sections of the handset. The three sections snap together, providing not only protection for the handset, but a little eye candy as well.

Colours available are glacier grey, neon lemon, Atlantis, bright peace, navy blaze and pastel blue, and HTC will let you have a different colour for each section - making for some wild combinations.

The Custom Double Dip case is available in the US for $30.

Motorola set the tone for device customisation with the launch of Moto Maker alongside the Moto X in 2013. Moto Maker allows user to customise their Moto X with 18 colour options for the rear cover and 7 colours for "accents", including the sides and camera ring.

HTC's Double Dip case doesn't offer as many custom options as Motorola, but if you're getting bored of the HTC One's grey design, the case may be for you.

Could this be an indication of HTC device customisation to come?