Motorola teased recently that a wooden Moto X would soon launch, and the company appears to have fulfilled its hinted promise by quietly adding a Bamboo back cover colour to the wide array of options on Moto Maker.

The Moto X - which launched in the US last summer - costs $99.99 (£61), but converting it to wood by selecting the sole back cover option under the "Natural" category on Moto Maker will spike pricing to $199.99.

In addition, you'll have to wait to receive your wood-backed Moto X. That's because shipping is currently delayed, according to Moto Maker. Devices customised through Moto Maker typically ship within four days of purchase.

Moto Maker is an online service that allows you to custom-order a Moto X. It provides colour options for the front, back and accents of the device, as well as upgradable storage and pre-configuration preferences.

Motorola confirmed in August it would introduce back cover options made of wood to Moto Maker, though the company neglected to provide a specific release date and tweeted an image only over the weekend to suggest the option is launching imminently.

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It's worth noting that leakster @evleaks claimed in September that Motorola would release four wood covers for the Moto X at $50 a pop during the wintertime. He got the timeframe correct, but he was a little off on the number of options and cost.