(Pocket-lint) - Motorola has released its budget Moto G handset in the US, following a launch in the UK and other regions earlier in November. The handset won't be available from US carriers initially. Instead, the Google-owned company is taking a Google Play-like approach, offering an unlocked version of the Moto G on its website.

The Moto G won't be expensive, either. A fair share of $179 will net you the 8GB version of the Moto G and $199 will up the storage to 16GB. No, that's not the phone on contract even if it sounds that way. The sub-$200 price is like you're purchasing a tablet. It's yours to keep and insert any GSM SIM card your unlocked heart desires.

Introduced on stage by Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola, in November, the Moto G looks to solve a problem that Motorola's Woodside says affects hundreds of millions of people globally. The Moto G is pitched at those looking for something affordable, without having to sacrifice the experience that it offers.

The design of the Moto G brings design elements seen in the Moto X, such as an edge-to-edge display, nice curved back, and a nano-coating designed repel water. Essentially, it's a cheaper version of the Moto X unveiled in August without higher specifications and customisation. 

In our hands-on time after the Motorola event, we found the handset to be quite speedy, having a powerful display, and having an overall great build.

The Moto G will be available in the US through carriers in January, which will be helpful to customers who want the CDMA version.

Writing by Jake Smith.