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(Pocket-lint) - The Moto G is official, in case you have just woken up (or crawled out from under a rock) and haven't heard. That means it is commercial time - and Motorola has just released the first one.

Called Meet Moto G, the advert is relatively short at just one minute. It starts out with some dude placing the Moto G on the very edge of a tall building in a nondescript city, which is something most people would probably never do with their new smartphone, but hey, we'll follow along. 

A weird lowercase G then falls from the sky, attached to a bit of string, and a disco party ensues. The letter gets all fuzzy looking and captions start appearing next to the Moto G as it flips up, turns colours and oozes light on to the G. We learn that the Moto G has customisable backs, access to all sorts of Google apps, Android 4.3, all-day battery and...you get the picture. Or video, really.

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The strangest bit about the whole commercial is that Motorola keeps calling the Moto G the best in its class. That's not true, when compared to high-end devices at least. The Moto G is a mid-rage device with an affordable price tag, and now it has its very own ad. Check it out for yourself below. 

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 November 2013.