Motorola added a listing for the "Moto G" for a brief moment on its website Tuesday, in an apparent mix-up. No specifications, pricing, or release date were revealed, but the listing indicates the handset may be launching soon. 

The Moto G has been rumoured to be Motorola's next phone aimed at the budget crowd. When a handset believed to be the Moto G crossed the desk of the FCC in late-September, it showed the handset having a Moto X-like build. It keeps a similar look to the Moto X, except it has swapped front-facing camera and sensors on the front and a swapped speaker grille and camera on the back.

Google (who owns Motorola) is notorious for website slip-ups. Just last week it revealed an official press shot and pricing of the upcoming Nexus 5. Sadly, the Moto G leak on Tuesday confirmed the name and nothing else. Could the Moto G be something else besides the budget Moto X? That's not what leaks are indicating, but there's always the chance. 

The Moto X hasn't made its way over to the UK as of yet, and it's not clear if the Moto G has the same fate. Motorola told Pocket-lint in August that it does have plans to launch a line of new devices outside of North and South America, however. 

Does a budget version of the Moto X entice you to jump on board with the Motorola brand?