The Moto X is the first flagship device from Motorola since becoming a Google-owned company, though it's also a very mid-range handset. Because of such average specs, many consumers disliked the $200 on-contract price. But now, they can finally stop all the whining.

Just two months after the made-in-the-USA Moto X released for US consumers, major carriers have dropped prices for the 16GB version to just $99.99. Specifically, AT&T's Moto Maker, Sprint and US Cellular reduced their prices, making the Moto X a much more desirable device to Android fans seeking a not-so high-end device at an affordable expense. 

Although AT&T didn't change the price of its regular 16GB version, it did reduce the regular 32GB version to $150. Still, the whole point of the Moto X is that it's customisable for different personalities. Therefore, in a bid to make Moto Maker even more enticing, it makes sense that AT&T would give the biggest price cut to its Moto Maker edition

As for Verizon, it hasn't budged yet. You'll still have to shell out $200 on contract if you decide to buy the Moto X from Big Red.

Many are wondering whether the Moto X's sales have affected carriers' decision to halve prices. Whether it has or hasn't may not seem relevant to UK consumers, though it's a glimmer of hope that the handset might release at the newer, more attractive price point when and if it ever lands in Europe.  

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US consumers can custom-order their Moto X through an online service known as MotoMaker from AT&T. It allows them to choose between two colours for the front of the device, 18 colours for the rear cover, 7 colours for accents, two storage sizes, and to pre-configure the device's Google account and wallpaper. Check out Pocket-Lint's review of Moto Maker for more details.