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(Pocket-lint) - If the thought of making the move from iPhone to Android has always filled you with dread, that excuse may be gone. 

As part of pushing the Motorola flagship Moto X a new tool has been developed. On the Moto Maker website users can now select a Migrate option for transferring iCloud contacts and calendars over to Google. While others offer similar options this shows Google's push to grab users from Apple and draw them over to Android.

All Apple users need do is type in their AppleID and password, then sign into a Google account. The rest is done automatically. During the transfer, which takes a few minutes, Google contacts creates a group called iCloud where your phone contacts and calendar entries appear. They are then available to put on anything be it Android, Windows or a web browser.

The HTC One has a similar tool that does this process via Bluetooth, which the Moto X also has. But this online version makes it easier to move your iPhone information to anywhere you please - or just have another backup.

There's nothing to take care of transferring iTunes music to Google Play Music - but with licensing issues that's no surprise. But it sounds like contacts and calendars are just the beginning for Motorola in its push to grab iPhone users into the Android world. If only this were available to people who haven't bought a Moto X.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 18 October 2013.