Motorola has begun pushing an update to T-Mobile US Moto X owners, bringing much needed enhancements to the handset. Most notably, camera quality has been improved, something we noted as desperately needed in our review of the Moto X in August

Motorola says you'll now find your Moto X to have improved capture of natural light and colour accuracy for more precise exposure in outdoor in backlit scenes. We found in the first iteration of the software photos shot in dark situations are a bit too saturated and noisy, but from the sounds of it, Motorola's latest update fixes just that. 

Additionally in the camera arena, the update brings better focusing and switching. The Moto X's camera is now faster to touch and focus and will now reduce any unnecessary refocusing in low-light conditions. The time it takes to switch between rear and front-facing cameras and transition between the viewfinder and the Gallery app has also been sped up. 

The last of the updates include fixes to issues with Moto Care Lost Device Finder, Driving Detection, improved Motorola Migrate experience, and voice quality. You'll also find Touchless Control to be enhanced with better accuracy and speed, making it easier to train the Moto X to respond to the "OK Google Now" command. 

The software update is currently only available for the T-Mobile US version of the Moto X, but it should rollout to other carriers in the country shortly.