Motorola confirmed on Monday that custom engraving on the Moto X handset won't be available on the device's 23 August launch. The news was first reported by JR Raphael of Computerworld and has since been confirmed in a statement to Pocket-lint.

At its press event in early August, Motorola named custom engraving as one of the highlights of its Moto Maker feature, letting customers write whatever they wanted on the back of their device. But as testing has gone on since the announcement, Motorola has decided the quality of the engraving printing didn't meet its standards. 

In the meantime, Motorola says it will work to improve the quality in order to work out the issues and start offering the option to consumers soon.

Last week, AT&T and Motorola announced customers can go to the Moto Maker website on 23 August to place their custom order and also to pick from several different colour options and other customisable features for the Moto X.

Pocket-lint has played extensively with the Moto Maker website and will have our review up in the coming days.