Following the unveiling of the Moto X at an event in New York on Thursday, Motorola has released a series of advertisements for the smartphone, showing off many of its new features.

The first is Quick Draw, which allows you to launch the camera by flicking your wrist even with the screen off. Motorola says the camera analyses the scene at hand and then autofocuses and auto-exposes as appropriate. 


The second advertisement shows the "always ready" functionality. You can tell your phone what to do without even touching it. For example, "OK Google, now call Alicia," would respond and action the command. You can say "cancel" at any time to stop the process. It supports English, Spanish, French and Portuguese - or if you're not a fan of the feature, you can simply turn it off.

Touchless control also has the capability to navigate to a destination, reading back the address and launching the navigation app to get you exactly where you're going. Motorola brags that you can also ask Google Now for sports stats information, set alarms, and yet more.