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(Pocket-lint) - Update: Motorola has unveiled the Moto X, so a lot of this original story changed. But we've updated the necessary parts to keep you well-informed.

The long-awaited "Made in the USA" Moto X is almost here. The leaks continue to surface left and right, although the official event invitations have already gone out for the first Android flagship from Motorola since becoming a part of Google's umbrella.

Motorola will unveil the much-hyped Moto X in exactly one week, hoping to rival the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4, but what will the device bring to the fighting ring? Read on to whet your appetite for what is to come from Motorola and Google.

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Moto X specs

Update: The Moto X has a 4.7-inch AMOLD display with 1,280-by-720-pixel resolution and 316ppi. It also has a 1.7GHz X8 Mobile Computing SOC, 2 GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, and it supports LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. The Moto X also sports a 2,200mAh battery.

The rumour mill consensus is that the Texas-made Moto X will feature a 720P 4.5-inch display, as well as a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage. It will also support LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Documents from the US Federal Communication Commissions have also revealed that an AT&T version of the Moto X should house a 2,200mAh battery.

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It also looks as though the Moto X will be the third phone ever to use a nano-SIM (rather than the micro SIM card used on many other Android handsets). GSM Insider provided a leaked picture of the Moto X recently, which allegedly showed its SIM tray alongside a nano-SIM.

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Moto X design

Update: The Moto X offers 504 possible ways to customise colors of different parts of the phone — with 18 different colors just for the backplate alone. It also has a curved shape, which Motorola said makes it perfect for fitting in the palm of your hand. Other design aspects include: the bezels are super thin on the sides; the back features carrier branding, Motorola logo, large lens, flash and speaker grille; the right edge has power and volume toggles; the left edge has micro USB port; the top features a headphone jack; and the bottom has the power slot.

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Motorola has said that the Moto X is customisable. ABC News specifically claimed that users can choose from a range of colours for both the back case and the trim. They can also get an engraving. Leaked shells and press shots event teasers and even Google chairman Eric Schmidt have also revealed what the Moto X could look like. So far it looks as though the Moto X's back will be made of Kevlar, a favoured material by Motorola in the latest Droid range.

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When rumours of a customisable Moto X first hit, many believed Motorola would make the specs customisable like a desktop or laptop. That now doesn't sound likely, as the company will probably just offer aesthetic customisation.

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A vivid green version of the Moto X also popped up at a Motorola party recently, thanks to a leaked image from Motorola's Guy Kawasaki.

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Moto X camera

Update: The Moto X's front shooter is 2 megapixels with 1080p video resolution, while the back is 10 megapixels and offers autofocus, 1080p video and an LED flash.

Habitual leakster @evleaks claimed the Moto X would sport a 10-megapixel rear-facing shooter and 2-megapixel front-facing shooter. However, a more recent report has said - based on supposed benchmark tests - that the handset will boast a 10.5-megapixel camera on the back and 2.1-megapixel camera on the front.

Moto X features

Update: The Moto X features a lot of sensors, and they include a compass (magnetometer), proximity, ambient light, gyroscope and accelerometer.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has said the Moto X is the first smartphone to be fully assembled in the US, and that it includes “contextually aware” sensors. For instance, it will know when a user is pulling it from a pocket. Users could also do things like flick their wrist to bring up the Moto X's camera. The sensor feature might also come with some awesome fitness apps and tools at launch.

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Alongside the sensor and camera functionality, the Moto X could feature a camera control wheel similar to what's in Android 4.3. According to leaked interface snapshots, just a single tap on the Moto X display will purportedly allow the user to capture a picture. Holding a finger on the display will subsequently allow for multiple shots.

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There has also been some buzz about an "always-on" listening mode, which recognises voice commands when a user says "OK Google Now". A leaked promotional video from Canadian wireless carrier Rogers even showed a user speaking to the Moto X to retrieve weather information from Google Now. The new Droid smartphones released earlier this week by Motorola had similar features - making it sound very likely for the Moto X.

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Moto X Android software

Update: The Moto X ships with Android 4.2.2.

Many reports have said the Moto X will ship with a near stock version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. But Google unveiled Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Wednesday. The company seemed to emphasise the software's performance improvements, restricted profiles feature, Bluetooth Smart support and new APIs for game developers. There has been no additional word on whether the Moto X will launch with the latest version of Android, so we'll definitely be waiting eagerly to see.

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Moto X release date

Update: The Moto X will launch with five major US carriers in August and September.

Motorola confirmed it would hold an event for the Moto X on 1 August in New York City. Many reports have since claimed the Moto X would release for all major US carriers and in Canada on 23 August. Although that date isn't confirmed, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has previously said the Moto X would land before the end of October.

Moto X price

Update: The Moto X costs $199 on-contract, but unlocked versions will also become available. Prices for the unlocked versions are not yet available.

The most recent reports have claimed the Moto X will cost $299 {£195) off-contract for the 16GB model and $349 for the 32GB model.

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Stay tuned

Pocket-lint is attending Motorola's 1 August media event, from where we'll report on all the announcements via our dedicated Moto X hub. Join us for the latest.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 25 July 2013.